Forte Cultura

European Culture Route and World of Experience Fortified Monuments

The Culture Route FORTE CULTURA takes you into the fascinating world of historic fortified monuments. Witness mighty structures and hidden pearls of architecture. Experience a multitude of events and travel offers.


Get ready to be astonished by:

  • culture and arts in casemates,
  • exciting events and festivals in extraordinary scenery,
  • excursions into secret worlds of bygone empires.


Fortified Munuments


Europe is rich in monumental fortifications. They represent the European history of different eras.
Discover the cultural heritage of fortified monuments from 800 years of fortress construction history in all its diversity and attractiveness.


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Fortified Monuments


Today, the exciting architecture of the fortresses provides impressive backdrops for culture and art, for events and festivals, museums and exhibitions, parks and gardens. Fortresses are full of life, let yourself be inspired, e.g. with the numerous events of our European Fortress Summer.


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Fortified Monuments


FORTE CULTURA connects historic fortresses in Europe. Conquer the fascinating fortress heritage in Prague, Berlin, Koblenz, Ulm, Dubrovnik or Verona, on the Upper Rhine or along the Elbe. Numerous travel recommendations offer cultural, event and educational tours, study tours or active tours.

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Journey through appealing landscapes and experience monumental sceneries

For the first time, the Culture Route FORTE CULTURA presents the rich touristical offerings of Fortified Monuments throughout Europe, setting a focus on cultural and activity-based tourism.


That includes festivals, concerts, theatre stages, museums and exhibitions outdoor activities like hiking and biking, as well as participation in regional customs and traditions, reenactments of historic battles and events and festivals for kids and the whole family in rich natural surroundings.


Discover mysterious structures and experience the adventures of the Culture Route FORTE CULTURA.

Conquer fortifications with the help of our information materials, travel guides and event recommendations.


Never again war!

As European Cultural Route, FORTE CULTURA helps to preserve the important cultural heritage of fortified monuments and make it accessible to all people. The fortresses of many eras, once built as military defence structures, are now sites of peace and culture for all people. They tell the story of Europe and serve as a reminder of the devastating consequences of countless wars.


FORTE CULTURA e.V. expressly stands for the preservation of human rights, democracy and the rule of law. We promote international understanding, an international mindset and tolerance through the cultural heritage of the fortified monuments as a testimony to European history. We condemn any form of violence, racism or homophobia.


We strongly condemn the escalation in Eastern Europe and the attack on Ukraine. We stand in solidarity with Ukraine and its people. Our thoughts are with our associate member Fortress Medzhybizh.


We demand an immediate end to the attack and the withdrawal of all non-Ukrainian troops from Ukraine. We demand "STOP WAR!"

Donation campaign "Protecting cultural heritage in Ukraine from the consequences of war"

To protect cultural assets from the consequences of war, we support our member fortress Medzhybizh with urgently needed donations in kind.


For this purpose, we have started a donation campaign at Please find out more by clicking on the green button and support us with your donation.




Fortress experience in Corona times

Fortresses are often large-scale and extensive monuments, outside of cities with lots of natural space,
with attractive cultural and leisure facilities for young and old.
Many places offer online booking and contactless payment options.


Fortresses therefore always offer ideal conditions for curious visitors:

  • ✓ individual arrival and departure,
  • ✓ generous distances and low risk of encounter,
  • ✓ space for children,
  • ✓ spacious exhibitions, museums and outdoor facilities.

Fortress monuments in your region = cultural sites, even in times of crisis

Find out about the respective measures on the websites of our partner fortresses.



FORTE CULTURA Imagefilm to the Contact Tour 2014


The FORTE CULTURA project was implemented by the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme co-financed by the ERDF 2012-2014.