Events in Monuments

Previously bombproof –today bombastic atmosphere, big stages in historic settings


Especially in the summer months, mighty fortress walls begin to vibrate in Europe. It’s the time when big rock and pop concerts, classical music or fantastic dancing shows conquer the stages and enthuse audiences.


Classical music in the scenery of fortified cultural heritage


Inspiring classical music events in authentic historic settings, for instance, take place in fortress Kufstein’s (A) event arena with the ‘Operetta Summer’ or in the fortress Hohensalzburg (A) with the ‘Best of Mozart Series’, chamber concerts of Viennese classics, string quartets and solo performances throughout the whole year.


As part of the Franconian event program ‚Musikzauber Franken‘ (D), classical concerts are offered to music lovers in the Cadolzburg or in Nürnberg whereas the ‘Mittelrhein-Musik-Festival‘ gets artists and musicians on stages in castles and fortresses along the Middle Rhine.


Music festivals and open air concerts


Event fortifications meet everybody’s taste - no matter if you think of a ‘Chanty-Festival’ with sailor and seaman music in the Masurian fortress Boyen (PL), a ‘Hard-Rock-Music-Festival like the ‘Brutal Assault’ in the main moat of the Fortified Ideal City Jaromer-Josefov (CZ), or Scotland’s biggest music festival, the ‘Edinburgh Military Tattoo’ with military music. Our event calendar will help you to find the right music event!


Famous artists like Bryan Adams or Bob Dylan already feels attracted by open air stages of fortified monuments in Europe, James Blunt or Amy Macdonald enthused thousands of people in the fortress Kufstein (A). Fortified monuments are popular venues, even for pop- and rock stars!


The giant Polish music festival ‘Festival Haltestelle Woodstock’, which lasts for several days, attracts hundred thousands of guests and music lovers to the fortress Kostrzyn (PL). Likewise, the EXIT-Music-Festival in the fortress Novi Sad (SR) belongs to the annual highlights of Europe’s major music events.


Party-Casemates and Wedding Celebration Halls


Fortified monuments offer a variety of possibilities for small and big celebrations in a historic atmosphere – from a party in the fortress "Festung Mark" in Magdeburg (D), a family feast in the Fort Gorgast (D) or a wedding in the Friedrichsburg at the Fortress Königstein (D).


Important Event Fortifications:

  • Event-Arena Fortress Kufsten (A)
  • Fortress Hohensalzburg (A)
  • Party-Fortress Mark Magdeburg (D)
  • Fortress Novi Sad (SR)
  • Fortified Ideal City Josefov (CZ)
  • Fortified City Kostrzyn nad Odra (PL)
  • Fortress Boyen (PL)
  • Edinburgh Castle (GB)