Time travel back to military history

Famous battels, bivouacs and soldiers’ life


Colourful uniforms, historic weapons, cavalry, artillery, sword and lances, bow and arrow – in almost every epoch, there were military conflicts around fortified monuments which still have many fans today.


Complete sieges and battles are re-enacted martially or artistically with thousands of protagonists. If it is the defence of Palmanova (I) against the Hapsburg intruders, the ‘Battle of Stralsund’ (D) during the yearly ‘Days of Wallenstein’ or the siege of the Alpine fortress Bard through Napoleon (I).


The Swedes try to conquer the Königstein Fortress (Saxony, DE) every year, in the fortified ideal city of Daugavpils (LV) Napoleon (1814) faces in front of the Russians, in Gizycko (PL) is the Feste Boyen scene of impressively staged battles of the First World War and the Eger Castle (HU) defies the storm of the Turks (1552) every year.


Important Venues

  • Fortress Bard (IT)
  • Fortress Sárvár (HU)
  • Fortified Ideal City Palmanova (I)
  • Fortress Boyen, Gizycko (PL)
  • Fortified System Nysa and Fortified City Kozle (PL)
  • Fortress Königstein, Saxony (DE)
  • Citadel de Jaca (ES)
  • "Crana Historica" Fortress Rosenberg, Kronach (DE)