Medieval Spectacles – Time travel back to the feudal age

Castle festivals, handcraft, riding events, ballad operas, lances and swords

The epoch of modern fortifications with bastions only began after the Middle Ages when lances and bow and arrow were replaced by firearms. Nevertheless, these fortified monuments at many places throughout Europe are staged for multifaceted medieval spectacles, exhibition fights, markets or ballad operas.


A history play of superlatives is yearly performed in the fortified castle of Malbork (PL) – the biggest Gothic castle of the world. The siege of the former seat of the German order of knights in 1410 is highly impressive and is an eventful and suspenseful festival for young and old.

Other locations with exciting festivals are:

  • "Crana Historica" Fortress Rosenberg, Kronach (DE)
  • Citadel of Jaca (ES)