Nature Experience

Mountain paths, caves and bats

Thousands of stairs and 600 meters difference in height characterise the fortress Fenestrelle (I) on the border between Piemont and France. The sprightly hiker will be rewarded for his efforts with splendid views of Alpine panoramas.


Nature discovery trails and footpaths can be explored in and around the Fortress Rosenberg in Kronach (D). Alpine tours, climbing walls, rafting tours and Salzach’s famous world of ice are situated around the fortified castle Hohenwerfen (A).


The Monte Pasubio in Tyrol (A) had been the showplace of fierce battles in the First World War. Fortifications and supply lines were carved into the rocks for over a time period of four years. Today, you can hike along the Road of 52 Tunnels (Strada delle 52 Gallerie) and experience history at first hand.