Parks and gardens

Flowers, blossoms and magical nature where canons once thundered

One of the most beautiful combinations of nature and fortified monument can be found in Erfurt’s horticultural show – egapark – in which the Citadel Cyriaksburg is completely integrated. It hosts the ‘German Horticultural Museum’ and invites visitors to enjoy a memorable view of flowerage from the gun turrets.

The mighty fortification wall of Verona is, today, a well-designed park with several kindergartens and playgrounds under shady trees apart of tourist paths. A botanical garden snuggles up to the walls of bastions and ramparts.


Fortified monument, ponds and a zoo with more than 500 animals create an idyll for man, animal and nature in the bridgehead of the Fortress Jülich, an unforgettable experience of the State Horticultural Show 1998.

With the national garden show in Koblenz, the Fortress Ehrenbreitstein experienced a redesign of the generous open spaces into a flowering park with ‘archaeological season gardens’ and a permanent exhibition about the ‘stages of fortress history’.