Caution! Due to the current situation in connection with the corona virus, events cannot be held and museums and cultural institutions are closed. Please inform yourself with the respective providers about the individual restrictions and above all, stay healthy.



Festung Xperience - Dresden Fortress

With all your senses, the eventful history of Dresden fortress will be experienced.


Ravensburger game worlds - experience fascinating things together

15.05.2020 - 10.01.2021

Temporary exhibition

Ehrenbreitstein Fortress Cultural Center | State Museum Koblenz
House of Cultural History
In the middle of the Ehrenbreitstein Fortress, the family exhibition “Ravensburger Spielewelten” invites you to an interactive family excursion to memory®, tiptoi® and Co. How is a game created and why does one piece of the puzzle fit into another? The visitors will find the answers in the 1200 square meter exhibition - participation is expressly encouraged. Playing, discovering and trying things out together: Immerse yourself in the world of games, puzzles and books with the blue triangle.


Flashback - 20 years of the Berlin republic

04.09.2020 - 21.02.2021

Temporary exhibition

Ehrenbreitstein Fortress Cultural Center | State Museum Koblenz
House of Photography
Das Landesmuseum Koblenz lädt ein zu einer Zeitreise durch 20 Jahre deutscher Geschichte in Bildern.
The Landesmuseum Koblenz invites you to take a journey through 20 years of German history in pictures. 2019 marked the twentieth anniversary of the move of the German federal government and parliament from Bonn to Berlin. On the occasion of this anniversary, the Landesmuseum Koblenz is showing the photographic work of the winners of the “Rückblende” as a review of 20 years of the Berlin Republic in the House of Photography.


The secret workings of things. Food cultures - a research exhibition

22.10.2020 - 29.08.2021

Ehrenbreitstein Fortress Cultural Center | State Museum Koblenz
House of pleasure
Come along on a journey of discovery through the food cultures!!

Eating and drinking doesn't just literally hold body and soul together. It also reveals a great deal about our history and the world we live in. There is hardly any other everyday cultural practice where social standards and developments in our culture can be researched as extensively as in daily nutrition. It is precisely the numerous objects that are related to food that, through their shape and material, and not least through their concrete practical value, can provide information about the table manners and table customs, traditions and conventions, religious and political rituals directly associated with them.


Christmas market


On December 6th, 2020 the Citadel Christmas Market "Art & Currants" will start for the 9th time at 11 a.m.

Located above the roofs of Mainz, the market exudes its very own charm - without any pushing and with plenty of room for children to play.


Winter at the Castle - Wilhelmsburg Ulm

11.12.2020 - 13.12.2020

For the first time Wilhelmsburg invites you to "Winter at the Castle". Between the impressive walls of the Wilhelmsburg a winter market takes place for the first time.


Open Air Theater Wilhelmsburg - Summer 2019

11.06.2021 - 18.07.2021

The traditional open-air theater in Wilhelmsburg impresses in Summer of 2019 in the name of "Evita".