Events Archive

Event Event Date Location
Twierdza Legend - Fortress of Legends 01.10.2022 Fortress Srebrna Góra
Josephine Celebration /Joseph's Feast Terezín 01.10.2022 Fortified Ideal City Theresienstadt/ Terezín, CZ
Citadel Festival 2022 - Citadel Mainz 11.09.2022 Mainz - Citadel
Fortress Vyšehrad 10.09.2022 Vyšehrad - Citadel and fortified city, Prague
Thunder of Cannons above the Elbe Valley - History close up 10.09.2022 Königstein - Fortress
Museum festival & open day Museum Bunker Emilie 22.08.2022 Museum Bunker Emilie
Once upon a time… A fairy tale festival to experience and participate 20.08.2022 Königstein - Fortress
Cancelled - The Heavenly Schlager Parade - Summer Open Air 20.08.2022 Dömitz - Fortress
The Last Pirate Wars 13.08.2022 Fortified Ideal City Theresienstadt/ Terezín, CZ
The World Heritage Volunteers work camp in Suomenlinna 07.08.2022 Suomenlinna Sea Fortress
Montenegro Film Festival 01.08.2022 Kanli Kula Fortress- Herceg Novi
Bellheim Mill and Redoubt Festival 30.07.2022 Queich line
Renaissance in Franconia. Hans von Kulmbach and the Art around Dürer 27.07.2022 Kronach - Fortress
Author reading Hornisgrinde-Bunker 27.07.2022 Bunker Hornisgrinde
Follow in the footsteps of Sun King Louis XIV in Vught 23.07.2022 Vughts Museum and Sint Lambertustoren
Pop up Space: Wilhelmsburg - Storm the castle 2019 21.07.2022 Ulm - Wilhelmsburg
Feria de la Línea 15.07.2022 La Línea de la Concepción
Büdingen Culture Night 09.07.2022 Fortiress City of Büdingen
Oživlý Josefov - Josefov Alive 09.07.2022 Fortified Ideal CIty Jaroměř-Josefov
„3 redoubts Tour“ 03.07.2022 Bunker Hornisgrinde