Castle and Fortress Ruin Hardenburg

In Bad Dürkheim, above the Isenach valley, Hardenburg is one of the most powerful castles in the Palatinate. The complex is considered a prime example of a fortified castle, a mixture of fortress and castle. Erected at the beginning of the 13th century as a comparatively modest hilltop castle, the Hardenburg was expanded into a fortified Renaissance residence in the 16th century. Mighty walls and bulwarks, gun turrets, gates, battlements and catacombs still bear witness to the strong fortress-like character. At the same time, however, gardens, the remains of spacious living quarters, as well as once magnificent hall buildings point to a no less significant civil use as the imposing residential palace of the Counts of Leiningen. A permanent exhibition provides information on the history of Hardenburg and its rulers. Immerse yourself in the heyday of Hardenburg Castle - an exciting multimedia tour makes it possible. Experience the renovated circular gate and stroll through the castle gardens like a former lord of the castle.


67098 Bad Dürkheim

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Schloss- und Festungsruine Hardenburg©GDKE
Castle- and Fortress Ruin Hardenburg ©GDKE