Mainz - Citadel

The experience on the citadel is multi-layered and extremely diverse. Thus, with the Drusus stone, a 2000 year old Roman tomb can be found on the citadel. The garrison museum houses an imposing model of the Mainz fortress and very personal memorabilia of soldiers from the occupation.

The natural Citadel ditch invites you to take a walk, exciting guided tours through the underground labyrinth of the citadel can be 2000 years of history, strengthening, there is then in the café "Citadelle".

Concerts and events such as the Open Ear Festival at Pentecost, open-air theater and crime thrillers, Summer in the City, the Citadel Festival or the creative Christmas market round off the diverse range of experiences on and around the Citadel of Mainz.



commander's building, Citadel Mainz
Citadel Mainz ©Landeshauptstadt Mainz