Events Archive

Event Event Date Location
Show "1870, a page of history - theatre, song, music" 15.10.2021 TERRITOIRE 1870
Eppingen Line Hiking Marathon 09.10.2021 Eppingen Lines
Artillery manoeuvre - weapons display - field camp 02.10.2021 Königstein - Fortress
Farmers' Market Paradeplatz Ziegenhain 02.10.2021 Water Fortress Ziegenhain
Josephine Celebration /Joseph's Feast 01.10.2021 Fortified Ideal City Theresienstadt/ Terezín, CZ
Medieval Experience Days - Des artisans et des artistes Partie 2 25.09.2021 Castle and Fortress Ruin Hardenburg
FortressLights 2021/ FestungsLeuchten 2021 - Light Art Festival 23.09.2021 Koblenz Ehrenbreitstein
European Heritage Day /„JEP 2021“ (Journée patrimoine Européene) 18.09.2021 Upper Rhine Region
Guided tour Barrier-free access to Rosenberg Fortress, War Memorial and Michael Fountain 17.09.2021 Kronach - Fortress
Guided tour "Barrier-free access to Rosenberg Fortress, War Memorial and Michael Fountain 15.09.2021 Kronach - Fortress
Open Monument Day -Queich Line Bellheim 12.09.2021 Queich line
Bicycle excursion Queichlinie II (in east - west direction from Hördt to Landau) 12.09.2021 Fortress Landau
Citadel Festival 2019 - Citadel Mainz 12.09.2021 Mainz - Citadel
Open Monument Day - City of Germersheim 12.09.2021 Germersheim - Fortified City
1st Archaeological Marketplace 12.09.2021 Königstein - Fortress
Open Monument Day 2021 12.09.2021 German Foundation for Monument Protection
Bicycle excursion Queichlinie I (from Landau to Hördt) 11.09.2021 Fortress Landau
Kronach - Rose and Garden Market Festung Rosenberg 11.09.2021 Kronach - Fortress
."Exclusive champagne breakfast above the Elbe Valley" 22.08.2021 Königstein - Fortress
Medieval Experience Days - Of singers, poets and dancers 21.08.2021 Castle and Fortress Ruin Hardenburg