Fortress monuments presents themself


In our FORTE CULTURA fortress portraits you will find many interesting information about the fortress monuments. Browse through exciting leisure and adventure offers, historical background information and architectural highlights. Get in touch with local actors and book your next outing or your next cultural event.





Haguenau, Abri de Hatten (Maginot Linie) [FR]




Fortress Medzhybizh [UA]


Samuel's Fortress, Ohrid [MKD]

Queich line [DE]


Sandomierz, fortified castle and former fortified city [PL]


Fortress System Srebrna Góra [PL]


Fortified Ideal City Terezín [CZ]


Fortresses and military history on the Upper Rhine 1929-1999 [DE-FR]





Heldrungen, Water Fortress [DE]

Josefov, Fortified Ideal City [CZ]

Lichtenau, Fortress [DE]

Windischleuba, Fortified Castle [DE]