FORTE CULTURA e.V. (former European Fortress Tourism and Fortress Marketing Network e.V.) is the Network of the Culture Route Fortified Monuments FORTE CULTURA®. The member pursues the goal of supporting the diverse architectural and cultural heritage of fortified monuments, promoting their change to places of culture and tourism and raising awareness among the general public.



Fortified monuments have a big economical potential for tourism, though today only a few benefits from that. Our network connects a touristic quality product with qualified fortress marketing:

European Culture Route FORTE CULTURA® – an efficient tourism product

With the cultural route FORTE CULTURA® an international brand of fortress tourism and a competitive touristic product was made, which will be further developed by trans-national cooperation. The cultural route offers every fortified monument the chance t o network and develop new, common instruments and activities to promote tourism to the European cultural heritage fortified monuments.


Strategy for international fortress marketing

The network offers a broad range of modern marketing instruments and targeted marketing activities, specifically geared to the needs of fortified monuments. The participating monuments will acquire a broad presence on international tourism markets.


The fortified monuments of Europe are very welcome to use the culture route FORTE CULTURA® and the advantages of the international fortress network in a profitable way.