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Network activities 2020

Berlin (DE): Handout "C19-consequences" for fortified monuments

The network office provides a comprehensive information and strategy paper on how to deal with the "C19 consequences" in fortified monuments. This includes information and recommendations to ensure conditions for the most possible secure stay in fortress monuments, links to current funding programs in Germany, as well as ideas and suggestions for specific measures from various points of view.

Stade (DE): Grauerort Fortress becomes a new network member on the Elbe

The Fortress Grauerort, a Prussian fortress pearl on the Elbe, was built in the 19th century and developed under the association Festung Grauerort e.V. into an attractive cultural location in the Hanseatic city of Stade. The association signed the network membership in February 2020, making it the fourth member of the FORTE CULTURA® cluster Elbe fortresses after Königstein, Torgau and Dömitz.


With the accession, among others the marketing activities of the Grauerort Fortress in connection with the FORTE CULTURA® regional brand Elbe Fortresses are being extended to the European level.

Dresden (DE): Project meeting Elbe fortresses

At the end of February, representatives of the fortresses Grauerort, Königstein, Terezín (CZ), Torgau, Pirna, Magdeburg and Dresden (here State Palaces, Castles and Gardens Saxony GmbH) as well as the Elbe Cycle Path and of our network met in the Dresden Albertinum.


The meeting goal was the further development of the cooperation between the Elbe fortresses in tourism and marketing as a regional brand under the umbrella of the European Cultural Route fortified monuments FORTE CULTURA®. The focus of the meeting was the organization of the marketing initiative "CULTURE-SUMMER ELBE-FORTRESSES 2020". Here the next steps for joint marketing and mutual support could be developed, budgeted and decided.


The joint visit to the new multimedia productions "Fortress Xperience" and "Zwinger Xperience" formed the successful conclusion of the event.

Brussels (BE): LRE Conference and LREXPO 2020

The Royal Museum of the Armed Forces in Brussels was an impressive venue for the annual conference and Expo 2020 of the Liberation Routes Europe (LRE). Dirk Röder represented FORTE CULTURA® and the European fortress tourism and fortress marketing network. In addition to many new network contacts, there were also in-depth coordination to prepare the cooperation agreement between FORTE CULTURA® and the Liberation Route Europe, which is due to be signed at the FORTE CULTURA annual conference in Terezin in May.


Another interesting point was the concrete coordination of future cooperation with the fortress lobby network EFFORTS Europe, whose headquarter is also in Brussels.

Upper Rhine (DE/FR): Great response to the memorial weekend "75 years Unternehmen Nordwind"

In memory and commemoration of the numerous victims of the last major German offensive in the West 75 years ago under the name "Unternehmen NORDWIND", 18 fortress buildings opened their doors. On the weekend 10th-12th January 2020, 22 different events commemorated the warlike events of January 1945 on both sides of the border between Saar and Rhine. It included exhibitions, lectures, a historical tour with US vehicles and a "Battlefield Tour".


The response in Baden, Alsace, Bitscher Land and the Palatinate was overwhelming with a total of over 2,200 visitors and many press articles. The cross-border remembrance weekend brought together fortress structures and partners between the Saar and the Rhine in this form for the first time and laid the foundation for further cooperation and closer networking between the players in the common cultural heritage “fortresses”.    More information

Dömitz (DE): Fortified Ideal City Dömitz becomes new network member at the Elbe river

The Fortress Dömitz is largely known on the Elbe. It is far less known that the fortress is actually the citadel of the once fortified ideal city of Dömitz, which was built in the style of the Renaissance.


Mayor Reinhold Suhrau signed the membership in our network at the end of December, thereby strengthening the FORTE CULTURA® cluster of the Elbe fortresses. On the one hand, Dömitz's marketing activities are to be geared even more towards fortress tourism and, on the other hand, processes for the necessary renovation of parts of the fortress are to be initiated.

Rüsselsheim (DE): City Rüsselsheim becomes new network member at the Main river

The Rüsselsheim fortress is located directly on the Main and is now the second former Hessian state fortress in our network after Ziegenhain. The fortress houses the Rüsselsheim City and Industrial Museum and a fortress café.


Mayor Udo Bausch signed the membership at the end of November, which will now come into force with the new year.


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