Network initiatives


FORTE CULTURA initiates Europe-wide joint actions with different topics regarding the joint cultural heritage fortified monuments.


Stand with Ukraine

As European Cultural Route, FORTE CULTURA helps to preserve the important cultural heritage of fortified monuments and make it accessible to all people. The fortresses of many eras, once built as military defence structures, are now sites of peace and culture for all people. They tell the story of Europe and serve as a reminder of the devastating consequences of countless wars.


EFFORTS - FORTE CULTURA, the largest fortress network in Europe, launched a joint initiative to support fortress sites in Ukraine in April 2022 in Terezín (CZ).


Thus, we symbolically declared our previously merely passive network member Mezhybizh Fortress a full member and will take over the annual contributions for an indefinite period of time. Through the upgrade, Mezhybizh Fortress became the first official station of the European Cultural Route FORTE CULTURA in Ukraine and has since been integrated into our brand tools and brand communication.


In addition, we network Ukrainian fortress sites with fortresses from the rest of Europe and beyond. In 2 online workshops with participants from a total of 12 countries so far, assistance measures were discussed and concrete cooperations were concluded, e.g. between the forts of Šibenik (HR) and Pidhirtsi (UA) or between forts of the West wall (DE) and the Arpad Line (UA). Further cooperations are in preparation, for example between Ivano-Frankivsk (UA) and 's-Hertogenbosch in the Netherlands.


Please contact our network office if you would like to support our initiatives.


Donation campaign "Protecting cultural heritage in Ukraine from the consequences of war"

To protect cultural assets from the consequences of war, we support our member fortress Medzhybizh with urgently needed donations in kind.


For this purpose, we have started a donation campaign at Please find out more by clicking on the green button and support us with your donation.




As a European Cultural Route, FORTE CULTURA helps to preserve the important cultural heritage of fortified monuments and make it accessible to all people.


Together with Aktion Mensch, FORTE CULTURA regularly initiates projects to make the fortress landscape in Germany more inclusive and barrier-free, e.g. in the Aktion Mensch programme "#1 Barrier Less":

  • Fortress Germersheim: Tour for blind and visually impaired people with audio files and information in Braille,
  • Feste Kaiser Franz Koblenz: audio tour in easy language,
  • Fort Gorgast: dt.-pol. signage and circular route in easy language,

At international conferences we share the information from our projects with our partner forts across Europe, raising awareness of inclusion in fortress tourism and supporting new projects.


Please contact our network office if you would like to support our initiatives.


C19-Consequences in Fortified Monuments

The effects of the corona pandemic have also hit fortresses particularly hard due to long forced closings, restrictive conditions for reopening and the continuing ban on events. In addition, investments are required to equip fortress locations for largely C19-safe conditions.


The European Fortress Tourism and Fortress Marketing Network has prepared a handout that analyzes C19 consequences for fortified monuments and offers solutions. (Download)


Furthermore, we developed a Online-Survey, to measure up the concrete consequences and taken measures in fortified monuments. In this way we want to make a contribution to pushing fortress tourism again, increasing the number of visitors and reducing the economic consequences of the crisis. We ask for your participation.


75 years end of World War II in fortifications 2020

Fortifications are militarily designed buildings and have always been the focus of military conflicts. Also during World War II, which brought out huge fortifications and bunker systems with territorial fortification lines as the west wall, the Atlantic wall or the Odra-Warta-Line.


The end of World War II in 1945 in Europe took place in fiercely fought over fortifications of the 20th century but also in older fortifications which became the scene of events at the end of the war. The network initiative “75 years end of World War II in fortifications” emphasises on this part of history in fortresses. Educational and memorial events in European fortifications will look at historic events and contexts.


The following events are currently in preparation by network members and partners:


The network inititiave be carried out with:



European Fortress Summer 2018

In celebration of the European Cultural Heritage Year 2018 selected fortified monuments present, for the first time, their experience offers in an international joint action – “European Fortress Summer 2018”.


On 28 events in 18 fortresses in 9 countries the motto: "What once separated people, will connect them in the future. For a lively cultural heritage fortified monuments in a solidary, democratic and peaceful Europe. We are in!" was celebrated.


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