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FORTE CULTURA® certificate for guides



Qualify as guide with the FORTE CULTURA® certificate and enrich your future fortress tours with the multifaceted European culture route fortified monuments.


For a certificate as guide under the tourism brand FORTE CULTURA® the following steps are necessary:

  1. Apply for certification via the registration form. You need a copy of your guide certificate of the German National Tourist Guide Association or a copy of your guide permit for at least one fortified monument.
  2. Receive our training documents to inform yourself about the European culture route FORTE CULTURA®.
  3. Prove your FORTE CULTURA® specific knowledge via the online questionnaire (expected time needed 1-2 hours).

For certification we will charge a onetime processing fee of 40 €.

If you have questions about the certification process, please contact us: FORTE CULTURA Network Office.



Our Guides with FORTE CULTURA® Certificate


Baus, Andreas: Fortress town Germersheim

Burger, Kurt: Fortress town Germersheim

Deroo, Rafaël: Brussels; Atlantic wall

Fleischer, Ernst-Erich Emil: Fortress town Germersheim

Franke, Gabriele: Water fortress Ziegenhain

Dr. Jordan, Alexander, Verena: Federal fortress Rastatt

Kelsch, Verena: Bunker Kehl-Neumühl, Baden-Württemberg

Hoffmann, Brigitte: Fortress town Germersheim

Parra, Patricia: La Línea de la Concepción

Dr. Reiniger, Michael: Major fortress system and Castle Hartenfels Torgau

Schirmer, Rudolf: Federal fortress Ulm

Wein, Florian: Bunker Kehl-Neumühl, Baden-Württemberg

Wein, Friedrich: former french command bunker Hornisgrinde, Gemeinde Seebach, Baden-Württemberg

Wein, Susanne: ehem. franz. Kommandobunker Hornisgrinde, Gemeinde Seebach, Baden-Württemberg

Zenker, Jörg: Federal fortress Ulm

Dr. Zollfrank, Ulrike: Citadel Mainz



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