Weekend Trips to Explore the Fortified Cultural Heritage

PL: Fortified Silesian Palace Fürstenstein - Ksiaz

Royal glory and dark secrets


Reside in one of the largest Central European fortfied palaces, discover the exceptional history in connection with Second World War destinations in the Owl Mountains


Savour your stay in the charming and astounding surrounding Książ Hotel with beautifully unifying of the architecture styles Gothic, Baroque and Rococo. Discover the distinct history of the Książ castle - full of interesting and unsolved mysteries. Experience the series of storehouses, machineries and remains of a narrow gauge railway beneath the castle in the network of military underground corridors from the Nazis.



DE: Reformation history in fortified cities along the Elbe

Rediscover fortified cities reflecting the Reformation and enjoy a colorful world of experience in the natural landscape of the Elbe River!


In the 16th Century the cities Wittenberg, Torgau and Magdeburg were the places of activity of Martin Luther's Reformation. Almost 500 years ago Martin Luther introduced the renewal of the Christian Church and made the Elbe city to the cradle of Reformation.


Fortification architecture and Reformation meet at a lot of points between Wittenberg, Torgau and Magdeburg. Fortifications were not only a significant feature during the Reformation, today as well-preserved monuments, they tell a lot about their history!


HU: Colourful Diversity of Hungarian Fortified Heritage

Fortresses, Citadels, Fortified Castles, Major Fortress Systems: Budapest - Komárno / Komárom - Eger


Reside in the UNESCO-Citadel high above Budapest, discover diverse Hungarian Fortified Heritage, experience Hungarian History & Culture, in a wonderful Hungarian countryside!


Enjoy a weekend full of history, culture and outstandingly well-preseved and entertaining Fortified Monuments in the region in and around the capital city of Hungary - Budapest! See the diversity of fortifications embedded in the beautiful Hungarian landscape along the Danube river and in the Bükk Mountains. Become a fortress expert on just one weekend!