FORTE CULTURA e.V. is constantly striving to expand the fortress network and to strengthen its professional content in various directions in order to promote its members and thus the European cultural heritage of fortress monuments as a whole.


Members and associated members (M / aM)


aM City of Antwerp

aM City of Diest

aM Province West-Vlaanderen

aM Simon Stevin Foundation

Czech Republic

M National Cultural Monument Prag Vysehrad


M City of Büdingen

M City of Dömitz

M City of Germersheim

M Fortress Grauerort

M City of Koblenz

M Fortress Königstein

M City of Kronach

M City of Mainz

M City of Rüsselsheim

M Culture bunker Strausberg, Orte der Geschichte e.V.

M Torgau, Grenadierbataillon von Spiegel e.V.

M City of Ulm

M Ziegenhain, Schwalm Touristik e.V.

M Generaldirektion Kulturelles Erbe Rheinland-Pfalz:

Fortress Ehrenbreitstein


Palace Bürresheim

Castle Betradaburg

Castle Kasselburg

Castle Pfalzgrafenstein

Dahner Castles

Federal Castle Trifels

Castle Nanstein

Castle Landeck

M regionale Festungsgruppe „Festungen und Wehrgeschichte am Oberrhein 1929 - 1999“

Bunker museum Dettenheim

Bunker-Tour Hausach


Camouflage bunker Neumühl

Bunker musem Emilie

2MCLADN Musée Mémorial Walbourg 1870-1945, FR


aM City of Erfurt

aM Citadel Spandau


aM Helsinki, Fortress Suomenlinna

aM City of Hamina


M Association des Amis de la Ligne Maginot d'Alsace (AALMA)

M Association des Amis de la Ligne Maginot - Four à Chaux in Lembach

M 2MCLADN Musée Mémorial Walbourg 1870-1945, FR

aM Reseau de Vauban Network:

City of Besancon

City of Briancon

Fortress Mont-Dauphin

City of Villefranche-de-Conflent

Fortress Mont-louis









aM Fortress Bard

aM Forte Marghera, Venedig-Mestre


aM Fortress Spike Island, Cork

aM Camden Fort Meagher, Cork


M Society of friends of Dubrovnik Antiques

aM Sibenik Culture Fort


aM Kaunas Fortress Park


aM City of Herceg Novi

North Mazedonia

M Samuel's Fortress Ohrid


M City of ´s-Hertogenbosch

aM City of Bergen op Zoom

aM City of Culemborg

aM City of Grave

aM City of Heusden

aM City of Houten

aM City of Olst-Wijhe

aM City of Zutphen

aM City of Venlo

aM City of Maastricht

aM City of Hellevoetsluis

aM City of Oost Gelre

aM Province Utrecht

aM Ons Fort Venlo Foundation

aM Liniebreed Ondernemen Foundation

aM Menno van Coehoorn Foundation


M Fortress Boyen, Culture Centre Gizycko

M Fortress park Srebrna Gora

M Sandomierz Culture Centre

aM City of Kostrzyn nad Odra

aM Miedzyrzecz Fortress Region

aM City of Deblin


M City of La Línea de la Concepción


M Fort Monostor, Komarom


aM Fortress Medzhybizh



Networks and institutions

EFFORTS (European Federation of Fortified Sites), is a European network for fortifications and fortification organisations based in Brussels. It supports and promotes the cultural heritage of fortified monuments and lobbies the EU on behalf of Europe's fortified heritage.

Based on a cooperation agreement of both networks from June 2020, all members of the EFFORTS network are automatically associate members of FORTE CULTURA e.V. and vice versa. A multitude of joint activities and project approaches can be traced back to this cooperation.


Fortresses and the Second World War also have many points of contact. The European Cultural Route "Liberation Route Europe", certified by the Council of Europe in 2019, leads along commemorative routes to the historical sites of the Second World War in Europe. FORTE CULTURA and the Liberation Route have been cooperating on various levels since the end of 2019.


The European Route of the Reformation represents the world-historically significant age of the Reformation. There are many points of contact here with modern fortress construction, and the two influenced each other.

In May 2020, FORTE CULTURA e.V. and the Council of Europe-certified European Route of the Reformation signed a cooperation agreement to explore synergies and to develop impulses for the cultural-touristic, social and economic valorisation of the cultural heritage of the Reformation and fortress architecture.