Les visites guidées de FORTE CULTURA® proposent la découverte très spécifique du monde fascinant des monuments fortifiés au cours de différentes étapes d’un itinéraire culturel. Que les visites soient effectuées en costumes historiques, dans des galeries souterraines ou avec des contenus exclusifs, les visites avec les guides de FORTE CULTURA® sont toujours source d'expériences.


Parcourez la palette de nos propositions et planifiez ou réservez directement votre prochaine visite de monument fortifié.


DE: Hornisgrinde – Defence history of a Black Forest mountain

The Hornisgrinde is the highest mountain in the northern Black Forest. When there is good weather it offers amazing views over the Rhine valley to the far away Vosges.


What today’s visitors mostly do not suspect is that Hornisgrinde was a military restricted area until 1999 and the striking view point was not open for public until 2005. The traces of this military history can be found everywhere on the whole mountain plateau and they keep some surprises. ...more


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DE: Citadel Mainz - romans, robbers, revolutionaries

2000 years of city and fortress history of Mainz with Julchen

The fortress city Mainz hat more than 2.000 years of fortress history. Founded by the Romans and built at the strategically important location, the junction of Main and Rhine, its history is shaped by changing situations of power, government and society.

Julchen, the lover of Schinderhannes, guides you with a typical rhinehessian dialect through 2000 years of Mainz city and fortress history. During the costume tours she likes to chitchat about her lover. This way you can learn interesting details about the life of the legendary robber from the Hunsrueck, first-hand information. ...more


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DE: Citadel Mainz - Wine, women and (hi)stories

Have a glass with Julchen at the citadel Mainz

Let you guide from Julchen with "rhine-hessian dialect" through the citadel Mainz. Between Drusus stone, Jakob monastery and Schweickhards castle and the underground walks and civil air defence facilities of the citadel, there are interesting details about history but also numerous anecdotes and facts about wine and viticulture in Rhine Hessen, including some chosen samples. ...more


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DE: Tarnbunker Neumühl - hidden history at the Upper Rhine

The area Kehl-Strasbourg was already militarily fortified in early times in order to secure the local Rhine crossing. Also in the Third Reich, numerous fortifications were built directly at the banks of the Rhine, in villages and the rural areas. Immerse yourself in a bygone era and learn more about the very special history of this fortification structure and its function in the defense system Westwall during the tour through the Tarnbunker Neumühl....more


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