FORTE CULTURA - Travel along the Culture Route

European culture fortresses in fascinating landscapes and historic sites

DE: The Culture Fortresses in Franconia - Enjoyment of Art and Love of Life

Attractive museums, exhibitions - stirring events in the Veste Coburg, Fortress Rosenberg and in the Fortress Plassenburg


Welcome in the fortress cities Coburg, Kronach and Kulmbach with their widely visible Fortified Monuments! The Fortress Card leads you to the Upper Franconian and culturally significant strongholds Plassenburg, Veste Coburg and Fortress Rosenberg with their extensive art collections, exhibitions and museum offers about the Franconian history and art.


DE: From the fortified city Germersheim to fortified palaces and castles in the natural paradise Palatinate Forest

Attractive fortification architecture full of culture

The Palatinate Forest in Germany's biggest coherent forest and includes the cross-border biosphere reserve nature park Palatinate Forest / North Vosges. Besides great natural impressions there are many fortified palaces and castles with diverse offers in this attractive low mountain landscape.


FORTE CULTURA shows you fascinating fortified monuments. Discover divers offers and enjoy culture, people, history and present in the spectacular landscape of the Palatinate forest in the heart of Europe.


DE: Franconian Fortified Sacral Buildings

Journey to impressive compositions comprising elements of sacral monuments and fortress architecture


Fortified sacral buildings belong to the architectural particularities of fortress construction history: fortified churches, reinforced churches, castle churches, fortified monasteries and cathedrals. The region of Franconia owns a large number of fortified churches as a testimony of time and as a significant cultural possession of defensive plant construction. The partly splendid churches are surrounded with walls and fortified living quarters. Discover the appealing fortified churches of Franconia which does not only spread the fascination for time-honoured churches but also for distinctive architectures of fortress construction.


DE/ FR/ IT: Famous European Citadels

Massive strongholds of the „Architectura Militaris“ of modern fortress construction art in Germany, France and Italy

Cultural life in mighty bastions, where once batalloins holed up


Since the 16th century, famous fortress engineers such as the Frenchman Sebastien Le Prestre de Vauban, the Italien Giuseppe Ignazio Bertola but also the German clergy used citadels as a form for fortress construction. Just like the Italian word ‘citadella‘ reveals, these constructions formed little self-contained ‚fortified islands‘ and where mostly located at the edge of a bigger fortress. A citadel served as a place of retreat for the batallions and was a town‘s last core of resistance.


Discover this special form of the building of fortresses along a culture route by Central Europe from Germany over France until Italy. 


IT: Emilia Romagna - Fortified Cities and Castles between the Adriatic Sea and the Appennines

The Heritage of the Malatesta Dynasty - Exciting Views from the Mountains and Hills


The history of the southeastern Emilia Romagna reaches far back into the past. During the centuries of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, the whole area took its characteristic shape and many irresolvable traces in cityscapes, architectures and monuments can be discoverd throughout the beautiful region.



AT/ IT: Fortress Construction Art in the Alps

Highlights between UNESCO Cities Salzburg and Verona


Salzburg and Verona are connected through their historically and culturally siginificant cultural heritage, awarded by UNESCO.Between these both cities exists a lot of fortified monuments with different fascinating touristic offers. Enjoy modern life behind historic walls in Salzburg, Kufstein, Franzensfeste, Trento, Rivoli, Pastrengo und Verona.



PL: Fortress Pearls along the Vistula river

Fascinating wealth of fortifications on a cultural journey along the riverside


Gdansk - Malbork - Grudziadz - Chelmno - Torun - Modlin - Warsaw

Along the Vistula river downstream from the Baltic Sea, you cannot only admire the magnificent panorama of Poland's great nature and riverscape but also visit many places of cultural significance and with rich history. Many UNESCO-awarded cities such as Gdansk, Malbork, Torun, Warsaw or Krakow can be found directly on the Vistula river or in vicinity.


FORTE CULTURA inspires to experience these Cultural Cities from a completely new angle and provides incentives to discover the Cultural Heritage of Fortified Monuments along Poland's wonderful Vistula riverscape.