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FoCu Newsletter No 1, June 2013

This operation is implemented through the

CENTRAL EUROPE Programme co-financed by the ERDF


Baltic Sea



It belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage

Salzburg – famous for its prominent citi-

zen W. A. Mozart as well as for its baroque

architecture. The Fortress is well preser-

ved. Elements from the 15th century to

the 18th century form a particular ensem-

ble and reflect the architecture as well as

the culture of Austrian history. Aside from

being an excellent museum, the fortress

is nowadays the venue for festivals and

concerts with an extraordinary ambiance.

The famous fortress system of Verona is

a part of the regional quadrilateral de-

fence system with Mantua, Legnano and

Peschiera del Garda. During the Austri-

an period it was surrounded by massive

walls, are well preserved and can be vi-

sited as so called Park of the walls, to

learn the functionality of fortifications.

Military buildings in neo Romanesque

style are visible inside the historical city.

Additionally, one finds, west of Verona,

some well-preserved Austrian fortress

relics, originally built against the Italian


The Austrian Emperor Joseph II built

Josefstadt as a rare "Fortified Ideal City".

It was created by the French architect de

Querlonde to protect the northern terri-

tories against Prussia. The casemates

and underground defence systems form

a labyrinth of estimated to be 45 km in

length. The garrison accommodated

about 10.000 soldiers. The neo-classical

buildings are used mainly as residences.

The baroque Fortress Rosenberg is a gre-

at representative of the Frankonian fortifi-

cation heritage. The fortifications encircle

a castle. They are an extraordinary en-

semble exposing the evolution of military

defence architecture in Central Europe

from the 13th to the 18th century. Napo-

leon himself used the fortress as a camp

in 1806. Birthplace of Lucas Cranach the

Elder, today the Fortress Rosenberg is a

well attended place for cultural tourism.

Fortresses, Fortress Systems, fortified Cities and Monuments with fortified Elements, 500 a.C. till 20th Century

Fortress Hohensalzburg

Fortress System Verona

Fortress Rosenberg Kronach

Fortified Ideal City Josefov

Foto: Tomas Vojtisek