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Fortress Monostor is a part of the fortress

system of Komárno (SK)/ Komárom (H)

across the river Danube. It was built to

defend the Austrian territories and the ca-

pital Vienna against Turkish troops in the

16th century. In the last 100 years, the

fortress has served mainly as a garrison.

Right now the Hungarian fortresses offer

space for exhibitions and festivals.

On the embankment of the river Odrą and

Warta, in the 15th century, was built the

Fortress Cüstrin. In the following centu-

ries, the Fortress was extended to a for-

tified city with a garrison and additional

forts. At the end of the Second World War

the fortified town was completely destro-

yed. Today it's a memorial that let's one

feel the destructive power of war, some-

what like Pompeii. The City manages the

reconstruction effort and organises some

annual events.

Lviv region’s strategic position as the

gateway to the Carpathians has caused

it to change hands many times over the

centuries. Many famous and important

fortifications are located in this region.

Fortress systems from the 19th century

like the eastern part of Premysl and Lviv’s

citadel are a testimony to the Habsburg-

Hungarian epoch. A plethora of fortified

castles, a fortified Ideal City like Brody

and other fortifications attracts many tou-

rists to the region.


Component of Fortress

Fortress System

Fortified City

Fortified Ideal City

Fortified Monuments

Defence Lines

Regional Defence System

Medieval Walled Town

Medieval Castle/ Palace

Fortified Heritage

500 - 1500 a.C. - Medieval Age

1500 - 1918 a.C.


Protection Status

UNESCO World Heritage

UNESCO Tentative List

Project Partner Forte Cultura

Central Europe

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ECCOFORT invites the partners of project Forte Cultura to support the research

and identification of Central European fortified cultural heritage and to complete

the databases.

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Fortress System Komarom

Fortress System Kostrzyn n.O.

Fortress System Lviv

The fortress Petersberg, formed as a cita-

del to protect and control the city of Erfurt

is today a peaceful and beautiful place.

Most of the defence architecture has been

preserved. From the reconstructed walls

and bastions, visitors may observe the

picturesque medieval parts of the city.

Gardens and flower-beds atop of walls

and bastions offer relaxation and recrea-

tion in this enchanting historical setting.

Museums and guided tours explain the

prominent role of the fortress in the last

4 centuries.

Citadel Petersberg Erfurt