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FoCu Newsletter No 1, June 2013

Project Activities in the start up Phase

work package 3:

Analysis of audio-visual informa-

tion technology workshop

Kronach, November 2012

This workshop was about the planned

pilot investment of project partner City

Kronach for an audio-visual guide system

in the fortress Kronach. The transnational

workshop analysed the state and the of-

fers of possible technologies. Experts pre-

sented the different systems, their advan-

tages and disadvantages.

Tourist attraction: Underground sightseeing in

the Wall with candlelight’s

(fltr) Mr Ciambetti, Mrs Dr Ganzarolli, Mr Am-

brosini, Mr Scamperle

work package 4:

Transnational seminar for the

quality criteria of the culture

route Forte Cultura

Josefov, December 2012

On 3rd and 4th December 2012 the

project partner started the development

of the main project, the new Culture

Route "Forte Cultura" of implementing

the fortress heritage track in the tourist

markets of Central Europe.

work package 4:

Transnational Workshop to

analyse socio-economic effects

of fortifications on cities and


Verona, January 2013

The workshop analysed possible social

and economic effects of fortifications on

cities and regions to recover their forgot-

ten or lost heritage.

Case studies from The Netherlands, Ger-

many and Italy were presented, by which

the success of revitalisation and recover-

ing were intensively explained and dis-

cussed. It became clear, that a success-

ful recovery of a fortification's heritage is

reliant on the political framework of a city,

region or nation.

work package 2:

2nd Network Meeting

Berlin, March 2013

On 10th and 11th March 2013, all project

partners met at the Humboldt Univer-

sity in Berlin to assess the realisation of

planned activities in the first milestone

and to evaluate the results.

All Work package Managers presented

their current status in fulfilling their as-

signed tasks. Furthermore, the overall

project progress was presented and dis-


A first online conference broadcast was

carried out, permitting other interested

bodies and persons to participate in the


The attendance of Mrs Stillerova from

EU Joint Technical Secretariat in Vienna

helped to answer remaining questions

regarding finances, reports and project

administration. The meeting attested to a

good progress of the transnational coop-


Forte Cultura - project partner

© Prusowski, HU Berlin

The city of Kronach discussed different

possible applications and solutions for in-

novative tourist guides in the context of

fortress monuments.

The need of technical adaptations to pro-

vide the "Smartphone generation" with

adequate information and interactive of-

fers were also discussed. The workshop

laid the groundwork for the development

of the pilot project.

ECCOFORT explained the principle frame

and content of the culture route. Mr



) presented the

Polish experiences in the organised tour-

ism of fortifications.

The partner agreed to a first agenda of

quality criteria for the further develop-

ment steps of the culture route Forte Cul-

tura. Fortress City Olomouc participated

as an interested partner in possible future


Therefore, the attendance of regional pol-

iticians was a good signal for the whole

Province of Verona and for the Project

Forte Cultura. This assures us that the

general aims of the workshop and also

of the whole project are well understood

and acknowledged by public authorities.

work package 5:

Exploring the world's biggest

tourism fair

Berlin, March 2013

In preparation of the Culture Route Forte

Cultura and the development of new mar-

keting instruments for fortification herit-

age some project partners visited the In-

ternational Tourism Fair (ITB) on the 10th

March 2013 in Berlin.

They analysed the tourist offers in the

field of historic fortifications and monu-

ments, how they are used by different

The architectural value of the “Austro-

Hungarian Fortress Heritage” partly lying

in the Province of Verona, was pointed

out in relation of the UNESCO-World

Heritage List.