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FoCu Newsletter No 1, June 2013

Discussion with Serbian Tour operator

Continuing Project Activities in 2013

marketing instruments.

On several stands very interesting talks

were held about the possibility to pro-

mote the cultural heritage “Fortresses”

and to cooperate in the future in the de-

velopment of combined tourist products

like Forte Cultura.

A great interest of tour operators for the

new tourist product Forte Cultura was

discovered. On the other hand, there is

a need for better solutions on the e-mar-

keting front.

work package 3:

Development of management

models and utilisation concepts

Berlin, March 2013

A transnational workshop held at Hum-

boldt University in Berlin on the 12th of

March 2013 showed the huge variety of

different management models of fortress-

es carried out by the project partners.

The different management approaches

are needed due to the life cycle phase of

a monument – for instance: reconstruc-

tion, development or maintenance. The

discussion led to a general idea that man-

agement can be either used as a method

and tool for finding the proper operation

model or as a process to integrate the

monument to an existing structure.

Solving financing problem is, of all as-

pects, the most urgent task. Therefore

the strategy of monument capitalising is

a process to activate resources for better

monument economy. In reference to life

cycle assessment the proper management

work package 3:

Task Force e-Marketing


On the 13th February 2013 the workshop

"Tool development for e-marketing of for-

tress monuments" took place at Humboldt

University in Berlin.

The purpose was to establish solutions,

tools, concepts and strategies for all for-

tified monuments, to use modern com-

munication opportunities to present their

offers to a broader public and to attract

more people.

During that workshop the Fortress König-

stein (Germany) and the Fortress Kufstein

(Austria) presented their experiences and

the efforts they undertook to use modern

communication channels. Other experts

spoke about internet marketing and so-

cial media. The need for separate special

working groups for the specific field of in-

ternet marketing was established during

discussions. The "Task Force e-marketing

fortified heritage" was founded under the

leadership of Forte Cultura project part-

ner ECCOFORT reg.ass.

It will be mandated to solve different

tasks of the working programme in the

field of e-marketing.

work package 4:

Workshop Transnational Infor-

mation System Fortress Heritage


Berlin, April 2013

During the workshop on the 30th of April

in Humboldt University in Berlin the de-

velopment and implementation of a new

universal information database for Cen-

tral Europe's fortification heritage was

discussed. The project partners wish that

the content and the structure of the data-

base portrays all aspects and facts of the

fortified cultural heritage.

The German fortress association “INTER-

FEST e.V.” proposed its data storage con-

cept. The database TIS Fortress Heritage

should centralise diverse information and

will be a common platform to collect and

disseminate fortress information.

The participants agreed to harmonise the

TIS Fortified Heritage with the planned

database "Traditional knowledge and ex-

pertises for fortified monument conserva-

tion" (output in work package 6) under

responsibility of the Slovenian Institute

for Monument Protection.



City of Kostrzyn nad Odra,

Lead Partner

Mrs. Agnieszka Zurawska-Tatała

Phone: +48 (0)95 / 727-81-24


+48 (0)95 / 727-81-93


GKU Standortentwicklung GmbH

Phone: +49 (0)30 / 92-37-21-0


model shall integrate also economical cy-

cles. The most crucial part of being effec-

tive is having the right utilisation concept

with economical effects and benefits.

At the Forte Cultura network, we are

doing pioneering work in this field and

we foresee developing a corresponding

memorandum on European level.

Attentive listeners: Oliver Zauzig (left), pre-

sident of INTERFEST reg.ass., and Maximilian

Brunner, CEO Salzburger Castles and Palaces


Mr Dirk Röder, ECCOFORT reg.ass.

Leader of Task Force

Production Newsletter:

GKU Standortentwicklung GmbH

Albertinenstr. 1, D-13086 Berlin